My name is Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan. I’m an Indian author. I’ve written seven books (published by Penguin, Westland-Amazon and Harper Collins) on all sorts of subjects, including YA and myth fic plus sexy coming of age and short stories.

I’ve been on the internet a long time. My first toe in these waters was my blog The Compulsive Confessor which was really popular when blogs were a thing. I’ve just switched up the medium a little bit: from going to a website, to getting my little notes every week (or ten days, I’m not super punctual) right in your inbox.

I make a living writing, but it’s still important for me to do some stuff just for the love of it. I love writing. I love writing these newsletters. I love sending them into the world. That’s the story: this is free stuff (I may add a subscriber model but not for a WHILE) and more importantly, this is MY stuff, and no one has control over what I say. I think that’s important.

Lots of love,