I have been enjoying this series a lot! I made a bet with myself that E would be Enid Blyton and I am so glad to be right! I read your two "what happened after" stories and loved those too. I had once wanted to write something like that but felt too much like blasphemy so shied away. Good to know I wasn't alone in that

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Really enjoyed reading this - I just began re-reading the Mistletoe farm books (which I loved as a kid, and now realise how they're a bit problematic!), so this edition particularly stood out for me! Also the link to the story about Jack - that was beautifully written but so very sad!

Thank you for doing this, and I look forward to the "F" edition :)

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loved Enid Blyton while growing up too. reading this reminded me of something very strange - for the longest time I just assumed enid Blyton was a man and it wasn't until my early teenage years that I figured the author is a woman πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

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Hi Meenakshi, I have been enjoying reading your newsletters. Especially the alphabet series and getting to know you and your life story. This one touched a chord, thanks to Enid, and a nostalgic trip down the stories and characters. I'm in awe of the fact that you remember so much from every series. I find it very difficult to recall except the Famous Five and The Wishing Chair and of course, nature. To sound clichΓ©d, I have always wanted to taste scones and even try baking (making?) them. Anyway, thank you for an engaging read.

This is something I did recently and hardly scored well. I have a feeling you will get all 100!


Also, this one intrigued me -


I belong to the category of readers who read, but cannot remember much. I'm curious how you remember so much, especially considering how voracious a reader you are and how eclectic your reading is.

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