Hamnet’s been on my TBR pile but I guess I now have to give it a try soon! The goblin emperor I read years ago but remember being a little underwhelmed. Have you read the sequel that came out this year?

Looking back at my year it’s been a LOT of rereads of old favourites the highlight of which was James Clavell’s Shogun soon after watching the 1980s miniseries (highly recommended if you can find it). As for recommendations I think you'll enjoy A psalm for the wild built and a Memory Called Empire. The Premonition by Michael Lewis about the beginning of the pandemic was amazing as well.

Hope you're enjoying Berlin and a very happy new year from those of us left in delhi 😀

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So many juicy recommendations! Will definitely be returning to this list. I read 35 books this year and fiction-wise I think my favourite was Detransition, Baby. Non fiction: Veritas and The Riddle of the Labyrinth

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